A Letter To Our Clients

July 31, 2020

Dear ProVest Client,

On behalf of the entire ProVest team, it is my sincere hope that you, your families and your businesses are weathering the COVID-19 crisis and are healthy and safe. Clearly, the uncertain nature of the pandemic and the changing guidance have proven challenging.

I am writing to let you know that our experienced team and I are here to assist you with all of your service needs when you’re ready to accelerate and we are permitted to do so. We recognize you are as eager to get started as are we, and we are here to help be a part of the solution! We’ve taken several actions to help prepare our team to serve you in this uncertain climate. Since we remained open throughout the pandemic to assist our clients, with your limited but important work, we have insight into the varied civic and healthcare guidance and are following CDC guidelines.

A crisis like this leads to personal reflection and an entrepreneurial view of business. I’m humbled and grateful to say, that next year ProVest will celebrate our 30th anniversary. Thank you for the trust you have in our company. We understand that trust is earned – every day and with every flawless interaction. I founded ProVest with the vision to manage state-wide service of process, with standardized requirements and a professionally trained team of agents to drive performance to the benefit of our clients. Our rich history, disciplined approach and the expertise of our professionals have made us the leader in the mortgage default industry since 1991 and we are rapidly trying to achieve the same in credit collections. Thank you!

Like companies across the country, we made some difficult but prudent business decisions to ensure our operational efficiency and strength. We hope August 31 is the last moratorium extension, but regardless, we are well positioned to accelerate when you are ready. Our more than 2,000 process servers nationwide are vetted by ProVest and are experts in their jurisdictions.

Earlier this month, Joey Wilkins, who is our Chief Compliance Officer and In-House Counsel, participated in a webinar, “Navigating Evictions in a COVID World: Impacts, Perspectives and Adaptations.” He shared the protocols ProVest implemented to help ensure our professional process servers are compliant in this environment. In our people-first culture, our priority is the health and safety of our workforce as well as for our clients. We directed that certain precautions be taken by our nationwide network of professional process servers who are on the front line serving documents daily. The precautions were implemented to ensure safe document delivery to all parties involved and to allay concerns of defendants who may be wary of answering the door.

We have a solution-driven mindset and are happy to help you navigate your business challenges. We will continue to deliver with quality, speed and accuracy as we have for nearly 30 years. I encourage you to contact our team. Please know that I’m available by phone or email at Scott.Strady@provest.com and am always happy to catch up with old or new clients.

Our companies and nation have survived threats over the years and have succeeded because of our collective resiliency and drive. I look forward to the day when the United States will emerge strongly by combatting the coronavirus and to a full reopening of our nation’s economy.

In partnership,

Scott Strady