Skip Trace

Litigation Skip Trace Services

We offer defendant location for service of legal documents. Our clients realize cost effective savings with increased elimination of publication processes. ProVest's rapid response times keep files moving without costly delays. Our clients in financial services, credit, collections and insurance markets benefit from the advantages of our proprietary technology. Paired with access to numerous data sources and sophisticated search algorithms, these sophisticated offerings allow us to annually locate more than 300,000 individuals.

ProVest Skip Trace Advantages

  • More than 50 licensed investigators
  • Status updates providing investigative details
  • State-specific and national database access
  • Business process scalability and batch processing
  • Rapid response times
  • Detailed search affidavits

Heirs and Beneficiary Searches

Heir and beneficiary searches require specialized investigative capabilities. ProVest has this knowledge, coupled with access to the data required to locate these individuals. We work with our clients involved in probate research, life insurance benefits and trust administration to obtain current location information for known heirs, beneficiaries, legatees, etc., property owners and stockholders. We also have the investigate capabilities to assist our clients in researching and identifying potential heirs and beneficiaries. ProVest understands and adheres to the requirements of probate attorneys, trust officers and insurers in their heir and beneficiary searches. Additionally, ProVest offers speedy death certificate retrieval (not available in all states).

Investigative services are provided by ProVest Services LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ProVest LLC. Florida Private Investigative Agency No. A 2600336