Contractor Relations

ProVest's commitment to managing our process server network is reflected through our internal Contractor Relations department, which sets us apart from other companies offering service of process. This department is solely focused on all aspects of contractor management.

Contractor Relations is concentrated on building and developing positive relationships within the process server network, as well as identifying and staying current on process server legislation, guidelines and affiliations throughout the United States. We utilize independent contractor agreements within our network, which provides assurance that they will conduct themselves according to our clients’ high levels of standards and expectations. We so strongly believe in the integrity of our organization that we have memorialized industry best practices concerning process server professionalism in ProVest's Process Server Code of Conduct and only work with those that agree to abide by these principles while serving process.

Service delivery is continually reviewed to ensure it meets our clients' performance and compliance requirements. These efforts ensure that the expectations of our clients are consistently met.